Yemen Funeral Bombing: Saudi-Led Coalition Blames 'Erroneous Information'

A Saudi-led coalition has blamed an airstrike that killed more than 140 people at a funeral ceremony in Yemen on "erroneous information" received from a "party" affiliated with the country's embattled government.

The airstrike, which struck the capital of Sanaa Oct. 8., was one of the deadliest single attacks in the country's civil war, a U.N. official said, and was condemned by the U.N. and others.
The Joint Incidents Assessment Team, set up by the coalition, said "a party affiliated with the Yemeni Presidency of the General Chief of Staff passed on erroneous information that there was a gathering of armed Houthi leaders in a known location in Sana'a, and insisted that the location be targeted immediately as a legitimate military target."
The team in a statement released by the Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C. Saturday also said that an air operations center in Yemen carried out a "close-air-support mission" without proper authorization from the coalition.
Yemen is in the midst of a civil war between Shiite Houthi fighters and forces loyal to President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. Houthis seized Sanaa in September of 2014.
Saudi Arabia, which supports Hadi's government, began conducting airstrikes in Yemen in March of 2015, when the conflict intensified. The Houthis are alleged to be backed by Iran, Saudi Arabia's rival.
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