Johnson visits Mount Pleasant, says he will accept results of election

MOUNT PLEASANT — With 17 days left in the race, Republican Sen. Ron Johnson stopped by Racine to give his campaigners and supporters one last push before the Nov. 8 election.

Johnson spoke with his local campaigners for about 20 minutes about how close the election is and how much he appreciates their support and work.
“We’re trying to get the troops fired up to do what we have to do over the next 17 days, making sure nobody stays home and everyone comes out and makes the decision,” Johnson said.
About 15 people attended the event at the Racine County GOP headquarters, 6100 Washington Ave.
Johnson faces former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold in the tightly contested U.S. Senate race. The most recent Marquette Law School Poll that was released Oct. 13 showed Feingold was slightly favored 46 percent to 44 percent among likely voters.
Johnson stressed that his experience as a chairman is a big separation point between him and Feingold.
“I’m working hard to make sure that I can go back and utilize my chairmanship to get real results,” Johnson said. “I don’t think I’d do this if I weren’t a chairman because as a rank and file senator, it’s hard to accomplish things as a senator. As a chairman, you do a lot.”
No matter the results, Johnson said this is his last run for office and that he hopes to be back in Washington as “an effective U.S. senator.”
“I have a great deal of faith in Wisconsin and Wisconsin poll watchers, so I’ll obviously accept the results,” Johnson said.
He assured Wisconsinites that he’ll never vote just to ensure his re-election, “ ... because I’m not running again,” he said. “This is my final term, so you can count on me to go there to solve problems, work on a bipartisan basis.”

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