Daniel Radcliffe Looks Super Different In 'Wolf Creek' Director's New Movie

Actors change, morphing and modifying themselves into different forms and new roles. Nobody expected Daniel Radcliffe to stay Harry Potter forever, but it's still a slight shock for fans used to seeing Dan as a baby-faced, clean cut kid to see him in something totally different.

Check out this brand new image (shared by Bloody Disgusting) for Daniel Radcliffe's new movie Jungle. Come on, you're probably kidding yourself if you don't mentally compare this strapping, hirsute young man with Harry Potter's cute li'l kiddy face.

Jungle is so new you won't find any other pics available, but IMDb lists the movie as an action-adventure-drama that's currently in post-production, with Chronicle's Alex Russell and Avengers: Age of Ultron's Thomas Kretschmann — who Radcliffe describes as "one of the craziest people I’ve ever met" — also starring.

Radcliffe got super skinny for his Jungle role, telling THR:

"It was hard physically because I wasn’t really eating. We were doing very long days and I was operating on not very much food."

Oh, and horror fans rejoice, for Wolf Creek director Greg McLean is at the helm for Jungle, which is set in Bolivia but filmed in McLean's native Australia's Bonogin Valley. Jungle is based on a true story, an adaptation of Yossi Ghinsberg's memoir of his trip up the Amazon. Weirdly enough, Daniel Radcliffe has played a character with the same name before, appearing as Allen Ginsberg in 2013's Kill Your Darlings.

Will Jungle Go Full Green Inferno Or Will Daniel Radcliffe Wizard His Way Out Of Danger?

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