Just know that I am doing this for you. I am not a fan of overall rankings. Truth be told, they make no sense especially after you get past the first few rounds. Think about it for a minute. Do you and anybody in your league have the exact same strategies or opinions on players going into the draft? No chance. Thus, once you get past the first few players it all becomes about how you choose to shape your team and not about which player is technically better than the next.

The best advice I can give you is to build your team (or draft) from the bottom up. What that means is, identify which players you like in the later rounds. Then figure out which players you kind of like that nobody else really does. Chances are that of this list (let’s assume 10 players) 60-70% are either a RB or WR. If you like a bunch of late round RB’s then it makes sense for you to target WR’s early then, right? If it’s WR’s that you believe to be talent rich in the later rounds then make sure you lock in your starting RB’s early on. See how that works? Your goal should be to build the best team possible and there isn’t a straight up player ranking in the galaxy that will automate this process for you.

All of that being said, so many of you have asked me about my top overall list that I figured that I should put one together to keep you from rioting in the streets or something. Just PLEASE understand that if you take WR’s in each of the first three rounds and then Golden Tate is the highest ranking player on this board, you should not take him. Be reasonable with your draft. Don’t wait too long to fill any position with a quality player.

The following are my Top 60 overall players for this season. This will get you through the first five rounds of your 12 team league draft. Beyond that every draft becomes incredibly different and vastly more complicated. I strongly urge you to check out my updated Fantasy Football Player Rankings where I have 500+ players ranked by position, in tiers and including IDP. The rankings will help you easily breeze through even the largest and most complicated of fantasy football leagues.

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